All The Moons

Halfway Home
Celentano / Nichols


All The Moons!


All the moons that loomed - & passed me,

They never dared to share - or ask me,

Even though - I was flying fast & free – on through the breeze,

Till you came along.


Oh my lovely lady - can’t you see,

How much I wanna make “us” - a part of me,

Like a wind that’s blowing through his tree,

To softly sing their song.



Was so lonely - living life - in my world of ONLY, 

Was so lonely - winding my way - through the tears,

Till you met me and you let me - whisper softly,

All my poetry - of flowing free - for years!

I Love You!


Oh my gracious girl – I know it’s wrong,

To try to play our “selves” - without “our song”

In this concert of our loving lives – our tune belongs

So will you – promise to - sing along.


When the conductor sets down his baton,

The orchestra may stop, but we’re not gone.

our music never fades – it carries on.

As we forever – live our love – and sing our song. 

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