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  1. Destiny Before Me

From the recording Destiny Before Me


Destiny Before Me 
I don’t need your hand-me down dreams, from some other time.
I don’t need your big, war machines – to give me peace of mind.
I just want to live my life & chase the visions I have seen.
Don’t want to hear the truths - that you perceive through magazine!
And I’ve got destiny, I’ve got destiny before me,
And I’ve got the will, I’ve got the will behind me,
And I’ve got GOD, and I’ve got GOD above me.
Don’t want to see myself, selling out to anything,
No matter how much wealth, that it may bring,
So speak your mind out – on what you fell is true,
The king has to worry down – to the last pawn too.
There may be little time – for the human race,
I’ll soon be leaving it behind, for a better place,
So I’ll just live my life – chase the visions I have seen,
Something inside tells me – it’s more than just another dream!