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  1. Dreamchaser

From the recording Dreamchaser


The broken dream that will never mend,
The cherished dream that will never end,
Giving up the race, before it’s even ran,
That isn’t me my friend,
no, it’s just not me my friend.
It’s hard to win when you’re not playin’,
ain’t no rainbow without it rainin’,
And small talk, just can’t change my mind,
Cause there’s something out there that I’ve gotta find,
And make it mine, yes make it mine,
I just need some time.
You may think I’m just a dreamer,
And you may think that you are free,
But are you what you really believe,
Or just a compromise to the green.
I know it’s hard to find a meaning,
It’s hard enough just to stay alive,
But dreams can drift into realities,
and I see that rainbow up above,
and I believe it’s following me,
I do believe, I do believe,
It’s followin’ me!