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  1. My Oreo

From the recording My Oreo


My Oreo.
Woman you know that I love you,
You know that I’ve told you before
Now everything is Champaign & moonlight
Since the day you walked through my door!
Girl you make me so happy,
With all of the joy that you bring,
You get me up, you got me feelin’ so snappy
And that’s the reason that I sing!
You got me dreamin’ every night,
Champaign & Moonlight,
You drive me crazy
& I hate it when you’re far away!
Yeah I used to laugh at romantics,
enjoyed my time with you, but nothing much more,
and then you opened up & shared what’s inside
you finally understood what hearts are for!
Love is like an Oreo Cookie,
I love the middle, yeah the filling’s my thing,
Sweetness of chocolate is all that surrounds me,
And that’s the reason that I sing.