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  1. Upstairs Room

From the recording Upstairs Room


Upstairs Room.
There’s a young woman, in an upstairs room,
In a little town where rain falls & flowers bloom
And there’s an old boy, on a Livingroom chair,
He’s got a dream & a plan that’s gonna take him there.
He’s smiling at the past, then he grits his teeth,
He clinches his fist tightly & swears “no defeat,”
And then he turns on the music, to the tune,
Of a lady he remembers in an upstairs room.
The upstairs room lit up in candle light,
When the storm blew, we both lost our sight.
& I lost my love in an upstairs room!
There’s an empty space, where her love used to be,
He says it’s water under the bridge that takes its toll on me,
It’s been a long time, it ended much too soon,
Still he remembers the promise in an upstairs room.
One thing’s for certain, we can never be the same,
her voice and her image, still pounding in his brain,
And his heart afraid to open up another wound,
Forgives the lies spoken in passion in an upstairs room.